Cakes from Sponge

Double Chocolate Fudge - 1 kg
A rich chocolate fudge cake covered in delicious chocolate cream. Approx...
Chocolate Fudge Cake - 1 kg
A deliciously rich chocolate fudge with a coating of icing. Approx. Rs.2376.00 ..
Coffee Cake - 2 Lb
A coffee lovers paradise. A soft coffee sponge cake with coffee icing. Approx. Rs.2..
Gateaux Opera - 2 Lb
Opera Gateau is an elaborate almond sponge cake with a mouth watering coffee and chocolate i..
Ribbon Cake - 2 Lb
Soft delicious and colourful layers of sponge with an amazing butter cream.  ..
Almond Cake - 2 Lb
A deliciously soft cake made with almonds with a crunchy outer cover. Approx. ..
Fruit Biskey 1Kg
The Fruit Biskey is a round cake, with two layers of 'sugar syrup soaked' butter cake (in..
Chocolate Mousse 1Kg
The Chocolate mousse is round in shape, with two layers of 'orange syrup soaked' chocolat..